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A 24-hour softening lotion that improves the appearance of fine lines, enhances skin's clarity and refines texture. Formulated for Normal and Combination to Oily Skin and featuring InternalPowerResist technology, this softener helps strengthen inner skin defenses to protect skin from signs of aging and external stressors. Softening skin is a key step in the Japanese Beauty ritual to balance skin before treatments. To be used in the morning and evening after cleansing.

Clinically proven to moisturize for 24 hours with a single application.*

For Normal and Combination to Oily Skin. Dermatologist-Tested.

Immediately after use:

  • 94% said it was quickly absorbed by my skin
  • 90% said my skin is softer
  • 82% said my skin is more supple

After 2 weeks:

  • 98% said my skin is soft
  • 97% said it maintains my skin's moisture
  • 92% said my skin is more supple

Test Site: France
Test Period: April-May 2017
Sample: 103

*Test Site: Korea, Test Period: March 2017, Sample: 12

Treatment Softener

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