Our customer-first approach, commitment to excellence and quality of staff helped us to quickly establish relationships and earn our reputation as one of the industry's largest alternative source wholesalers actively buying and selling in the luxury goods, personal care and specialty retail industries.

We operate and manage a supply chain network that spans the globe. We keep an eye of industry changes, and how we can adapt to better serve our customers.

We have best-of-breed technologies and logistics solutions for timely and effective buying, selling, and movement of product. Brands trust us to manage their Amazon digital shelf. Retailers trust us to deliver unparalleled service and supply chain services. We work with many of the world's largest names from Amazon to Zappos!-

Major brands trust BLUE TIME INC to sell their merchandise to agencies, brokers, and corporate-marketers at discount prices that do not undermine or damage the brand in the wider retail market. It's a win-win strategy for everyone and also maintains BLUE TIMEINC'S worldwide status as a "master" factory-direct distributor.


BLUE TIME INC  has a worldwide reputation for its business integrity in the incentive industry which has special appeal for global brands that entrust their products to distributors for resale.