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A scientific advancement by human and machine: calculated cushioning by PUMA. Calibrate Runner is powered by XETIC technology and coded in a language of its own—with meticulously-tested cushioning, conceived and fine-tuned in a lab for the techiest streetwear collectors.

What you see is what you get: compression in all the right places for step-in comfort and data-proven design. XETIC cushioning is a modified combination of structure and foam, proven among hundreds of virtual patterns to be the most efficient for comfort and rebound. The end result: visible cushioning technology that compresses as you step for infinite comfort.

Straight from the lab, into the future.



  • CUSHIONING: XETIC smart cushioning proven through digital testing provides comfort and rebound under applied force
  • STRUCTURE: Responsive structure in the foam minimizes landing impact to maximize comfort
  • GRIP: Rubber outsole ground contact offers traction and durability without slowing you down



  • Fully engineered knit upper for sock-like feel
  • Woven sheer overlay at lateral side for strong support
  • Flexible sock collar for easy slip-on and off
  • Ful lace closure for secure fit

Calibrate Runner Men's Shoes

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